Planning Your Playground

Creating a commercial playground with Grondahl Recreation and Burke!

Play is central to our lives and a well-designed play environment brings kids and families together outdoors and fosters a sense of community within schools, neighborhoods and churches. From all types of development and physical movement to social and cognitive growth, play is essential for people of all ages and abilities throughout all stages of life. Designing a playspace that will serve your community now and into the future requires careful planning, consideration and, let’s be honest, a whole lot of fun. Contact us to get started!

Consultation & Site Visits

A site assessment can be compared to taking measurements before buying a dress or suit – the more accurate, the better fit you will get. When a playspace is meant to serve the community for years to come, an accurate site assessment for an accurate fit is even more important! We will help answer any questions and probably even ask questions that can help you get a play environment that will best serve your community. Learn more here.

Playground Design

A properly designed play environment creates the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth that transcends the playspace and helps everyone find the best of themselves through play. We partner with Burke’s talented design team to create a playspace that is certain to be a destination for people to gather, develop, engage and have fun together. You can show off your space with the best 3D designs in the industry from our team to yours. These designs can be shared with donors, community members and children to get everyone excited and raise awareness about the new playspace.

Playground Funding

While we’re designing a play environment for your community, you can relax and spend some time exploring options and programs that can help obtain playground funding. Burke offers a variety of resources and we can assist you with any questions or provide more information on any of these options. Get the play, playground, recreation or outdoor fitness space your community deserves! Let’s get moving together! Learn more here.


The day your new Burke playground equipment arrives is exciting, fun and one step closer to having an incredible new playspace for your community. Receiving your commercial playground, and eventually completing installation, is one of the most important steps in the process. We make sure you're ready to receive the playground equipment by letting you know exactly when it will arrive and how you need to prepare. Children will soon be able to have fun and play on this new playground!


Grondahl Recreation provides installation services on all equipment offerings through several professional parks and recreation construction companies. We provide project management from rough concept to grand opening while consistently overseeing our workload to ensure your project is completed on time and in a professional manner.

Maintenance & Safety

Play has incredible developmental benefits for children and helps communities thrive. Focusing on safer play helps everyone gain all the benefits from playing outdoors while taking steps to eliminate the risk of serious injuries. Commercial playground safety is a top priority at Burke and Grondahl Recreation and we’ll help you keep kids safer with age-appropriate signage, products and playgrounds designs, maintenance kits and rigorous safety certifications. Learn more here.


If you have any questions or need additional service, we stick around long after your playground is in the ground and the kids have played on it. Call us at 701-572-7897. You can rely on Grondahl Recreation and Burke's industry-leading warranties to stand the test of time.